Hairstyler case study


Hairstyler is a manufacturer of professional hair styling products that offers salon quality to everyone.


Hairstyler was formed by a group of beauty professionals with a mission to bring down the costs of professional hair styling equipment and make it affordable for everyone to benefit from a salon-quality hair feeling. The product range includes styling irons, curling wands and accessories. Hairstyler is the first company in the beauty world that offers a limited lifetime warranty programme for all owners.

The client chose WordPress to meet their e-commerce requirements. I worked on the design and development and drew flow diagrams, wireframes, prototypes, user interface, newsletter, and promotional banners, and developed the e-commerce functionality. In addition to the design and development work, I also launched marketing campaigns for them and promoted their brand on various social media channels.

The marketing campaign helped the company in brand awareness and recognition, resulting in an increase of 25% profit margin after 2 years of the website launch.

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